Over the last 6 months we have developed a number of new initiatives, integrated complementary businesses as we evolved to become a specialist integrated financial services, management and wealth creation solution for medical and dental professionals. At the core of our services has been our internal business model developed around the 4 major points of a diamond.

This evolution and core business model has recently seen our business name change from Flowers Financial Group to Pink Diamond Financial Group to represent the uniqueness and individualism of our solutions and our clients.

Like a Diamond, no two clients are the same at Pink Diamond Financial Group. That’s why we provide unique innovative financial and lifestyle solutions for medical professionals.

Our integrated wealth creation diamond gives you access to all facets of financial services through a single easy-to-use point of contact.

We have fused together over 20 years of medical financial experience, a leading team of financial and business specialists and the latest innovations and best practices to provide clarity and simplicity to complex financial matters. All backed by an easily accessible personal diamond standard service.

To find out more about the Pink Diamond Financial Group services please visit us at www.pinkdiamondgroup.com.au